FORCIT has high security standards which are directed by company policies.

Safety policies are there to ensure a safe company in which the risks pertaining to personnel, material capital, environment, and information have been minimized. Forcit as a group recognizes safety as a factor of quality and competitiveness in business. All personnel are required to commit to the safety policy.

We observe the following principles in our actions:

  • Safety management is a daily and natural part of general management.
  • Supervisors are responsible for enforcing safety measures as required in the plan of action in order to guarantee general safety.
  • Safety goals will be met by following the risk control guidelines, in other words by systematically ensuring that all activity is safely carried out under any circumstances.
  • Laws and regulations as well as our own guidelines create a basis and a minimum requirement for safety policies.
  • Critical factors for success include motivation, know-how, resources, and management.