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Forcit has developed a system that ensures the trace ability of products from production all the way to the end user. Forcit marks its products with unique labels from the smallest packing unit to the largest packages. We will provide the customers with these unique labels when delivering the products. As a Nordic player and the biggest Finnish explosive manufacturer, we want to make sure that our customers have the tools to do things the right way – according to the demands of the directive.


The customer portal has two levels: CodeBox and ForCodes, of which the customer may choose the service that suits them the best. CodeBox is the easiest way to receive and transfer code information. The codes can be accessed 24/7 and are automatically archived for 10 years from the date of receipt; paper archives and postages are eliminated. ForCodes has all the attributes that CodeBox has but its additional features enable warehouse controlling and worksite specific code processing even on project levels. The mobile device that is connected to the system ensures easy scanning and real-time processing of codes. With the information ForCodes collects it is possible for the customer to create reports of the usage amounts. When using ForCodes service every worksite may have several users and the access rights may be defined at every level. It is also possible to attach code information from other manufacturers to our service.